Once in recovery, rejoining the mainstream of life can be challenging. One of the barriers that may exist is difficulty finding employment. This section provides access to organizations that help people in recovery re-enter the workplace.

America in Recovery (
America in Recovery is a non-profit effort to promote the hiring of people in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse as well as people with felony convictions. This no-charge hiring web site links job seekers and employers directly with each other.

Free Government Cellphones (
Community Voice Mail gives a free phone number and free voicemail to help people in crisis and transition link to jobs, housing and stability. This Springwire program now has 50 sites serving more than 40,000 people in 372 cities and towns across North America. The websites gives instructions on how to get a free phone number and voicemail and locations by state.

National H.I.R.E. Network (
The National H.I.R.E. Network (Helping Individuals with criminal records Re-Enter through Employment) serves as an information clearinghouse and provides leadership on public policy to promote the employment of people with criminal records. There are listings by state of government agencies and community-based organizations that assist people with criminal records. These agencies and organizations can be of assistance in providing job-related and legal services, answering questions arising from having a criminal record, or offering referrals to other useful organizations.

Updated February 22, 2017