People in recovery face many barriers such as discrimination in student financial aid, health insurance reimbursement, employment and housing. Advocacy resources provide the opportunity to help change government and industry policies and to help educate the general public on the needs, rights and struggles of those in recovery.

Faces and Voices of Recovery (FAVOR) (
Faces and Voices of Recovery (FAVOR) serves as a resource to recovery communities and organizations in the addiction research, treatment, and prevention fields. It is a national campaign of individuals and organizations joining together to advocate for public and private policies at the local, state and federal levels to help people with recovery and post-recovery issues. These include access to treatment, reversal of policies that discriminate against people in recovery, and removal of the barriers that are raised by the stigma against addiction. For state listings of local recovery advocates, click on

Join Together (
Join Together supports community-based efforts to reduce, prevent, and treat substance abuse across the nation. The web site includes a section on Hot Issues including:

  • Discrimination against people with substance use disorders that restricts their access to education, housing, employment, financial assistance

  • Healthcare and health insurance parity (recognizing addictions as diseases and providing coverage for treating them).
Updated November 21, 2014